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    We create custom software solutions for business.
    Custom Software Development
    Application Development
    Software Programming
    DotNetNuke - DNN
    DNN Skins and Modules
    Online Sales Tools
    Financial Calculators
    Sales Tracking
    Fulfillment Processing
    Mobile Apps
    Dynamic Dashboards
    Tablet Applications
    Business Applications
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    Content Management
    E-Commerce Solutions
    Customer Relations
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    Professional Software Development
    We have the knowledge and experience
    to create any application across all
    platforms, from Desktop to Android we
    make your application look good.
Every business is unique and custom software developed specifically for a business is affordable and beneficial to every growing company. Gain your competitive advantage by providing the right tools and resources for your clients, customers, and employees through custom application development.
With a 30-year track-record of successful software projects, we have the business knowledge and technical skills to build your applications for Cloud, Desktop, and Mobile platforms.
We develop our cloud and desktop applications using the best tools from Microsoft, including SQL Server and Visual Studio.
DotNetNuke is the Windows-based answer to Wordpress, allowing us to leverage our Microsoft-platform development skills into a CMS website where you can maintain your own content.
Skins, CSS, and custom-developed modules to drop into your DotNetNuke website allows your company to rise above the rest in presentation and user-experience.  This site is a DNN site, too!
We have been creating online sales tools for a long time. Between our practical business knowledge, our love for technology, and our skilled developers, we create world-class business and sales tools for our clients.
Web-based sales tools including tax comparison, investment analysis, loan calculators, and more.
Custom CRM development, sales pipeline reporting, and sales process analysis.
We have created numerous e-commerce online applications, integrating inventory management and shipping. 
Mobile application development in both Native device languages (Android and iPhone - iOS), as well as web-based responsive design.
All good business systems have a user-configurable dashboard, providing metrics, to-do lists, and more right to your desktop.
We can integrate your security system with social media, making it easy for your users to login with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.
Palm Beach Software Design specializes in Line-Of-Business applications for most computer software platforms. We also excel in software and hardware interfaces, and social media integration.
Native Android phone, tablet, and device development using Java.  We have several applications created for our clients in the Google, Amazon, and Samsung Play Stores.
iOS development for iPad, iPhone and Mac OS.
Our team consists of Software Architects, Business Analysts, and seasoned software developers. The first step in any successful project starts with a clear understanding of your business, and supportive documentation.
Most businesses need an online presence for commerce, and we have many different solutions to meet your needs.
At PBSD, we understand how important communication is between you and your customers and fans.  We can build custom tools to track progress of your service, client portals, and can integrate with Office 365, Outlook, Thunderbird, and other popular CRMs.
Custom Application Development

With a clear understanding of your business, we streamline internal jobs and tasks, integrate your current technologies with new programming, and bring your company's data to your fingertips. We analyze your workflow and develop software solutions that respond to your company's needs, with the goals of simplifying time consuming tasks, and eliminating human error.

Custom Software

Turn your great ideas into world-class software for subscription or resale. Whether you want to create a new software package that might be the next "WebBook" social application, or you have a process that you would like to automate and resell, we have the knowledge and experience to create both shrink-wrapped software in a box, and subscription type of cloud-based models as well.

Case Studies

Beginning with a thorough analysis of your business process, communications, and workflow, we form a clear understanding your company's business plan, mission, values, operations, and goals. A complete analysis is the principal foundation for development and process automation. Our software architects understand how data moves and how you communicate, allowing us to come up with a great plan specifically for your company.


Custom Software Development using Microsoft Technologies Since 1987, we specialize in solving business challenges through the development of custom software solutions

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  • Hi all,
    I want to send a shout out to all of you who were so deeply involved in BPVC 2013 production. The series has now been released to print which is a significant accomplishment given the many phases of the production process, the volume of data, and the very tight schedule that needed to be maintained.
    I would like to thank you for the great efforts you all made in helping meet the (extended) deadline. This was truly a team effort and the success in meeting deadline could not have been accomplished without each and every one of you (including quite a few others for which I would appreciate your extending my gratitude) and it is greatly appreciated.
    It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again , in future.

    Lucy Abrams
  • Hi Mark,
    I have not had any reason to contact you lately and just want to let you know that you have not been forgotten. I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have a really great 2013! I was going over some year-end reports and wanted to fill you in on how the redesigned website is doing. On the retail side we saw an increase in sales of 60 percent last year! The wholesale side has shown some improvement also. We have been working close with a select customer base so far and are pleased with the results and ready to launch to the next level. Travis and I are moving forward with an intense marketing program to get this accomplished. I would like you to know that I really appreciate your support on this project. When management has to work in an area that they are unfamiliar with you know it can be a bit scary these days! I want you to know that we made the right choice and I would be happy to give you a recommendation to any of your future clients.

    Tim Oenbrink
  • We have used Mark's company for software development for 10+ years. From developing software for our companies to use internally, to producing world-class commercial applications for both Windows Desktop and the Internet, each project has has produced software that hits the mark. Support and direct communication with the software developers at Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. have made it a pleasure for us to work with them. Immediate support and pride in their deliverable's set them above the rest.

    Rick Gossett
  • We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and James for the high quality work, exceptional customer service, and "above and beyond" commitment that you all have provided the Health Council for over seven years. The database application you initially developed for us in 2005 has progressed over the years as needs and technology have changed.
    What started as a basic concepts to make things easier for our users has evolved into a high functioning database for which we rely on to monitor and manage both the programmatic and financial aspects of the service delivery system we oversee. We came to you having a solid understanding of our service delivery program and a vision for the database. You all were able to translate our vision into a tangible product that provides up the oversight and accountability required, while ensuring that the end user experience is meaningful and easy. We cannot thank you enough.

    Andrea Stevenson