Past Performance Highlights and Notable Projects

SaaS Applications - Software as a Service

  • PBSD Issue Tracking System: This ticketing system was created to track customer issues and feature requests by project. It is used internally by our development team and provides a workflow and messaging system.  It integrates with our time-tracking application, JobTimeClock.com.
  • JobTimeClock.com:  This is a time and billing application specifically designed for consultants that needs to track all activities for a customer by project.  It allows users to start live timers, or enter in timecards after the work is done.  JTC has a direct interface with Quickbooks Online (R) for invoicing and expense tracking.  
  • AreWeOnline.com – We created a custom web-checking utility to check for downtime and latency for a website, not a webserver.  It times the access to the site, how quickly it sends the browser HTML, as well as looking for error messages.  It looks for keywords on the page for verification that the content has not been tampered with as well.  It will check a website in as short intervals as every 5 minutes.
  • BusinessPowerTools.com – This is a software system designed for business. It includes such modules including Business Plan Builder, HR Document Builder, Employee Manual, Marketing, CRM, and more. 

Logistics and Delivery Industry

  • Amazon FBA Seller, we created a web-based application integrated with Amazon’s Seller Central data (using Amazon’s MWS API library) to allow for the management of the product sales and inventory life-cycle. Sales and inventory data consumed from Seller central and displayed to in an easy-to-understand interface that handles purchasing, shipping, and management of FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) inventory items.
  • RouteTrackDeliver.com This is a SaaS application created for couriers, with specialized functionality for medical and controlled substance deliveries.It is a cloud-based system for the office, and has a mobile component for drivers. It handles routing, tracking, delivering, reporting, and more.
  • M I Courier Services – Created a system to manage and pay drivers for a courier company.

Aerospace and Aviation Industry

  • Estimation and Quoting System for Government Bids – this system was created for a major aerospace company to manage their quotes and bids for manufacturing of high-tech equipment for space and military applications.
  • Level3 DIagnostics – Created RPC automations to automate the use of a software package used inhouse.
  • Lear Corporation: Created a custom OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system that was used to parse and log multi-page purchase orders.
  • Source Surveillance Systems: Created and web-based application to provide the management of manufacturing inspections and reporting to Raytheon. This system is used by the company to provide inspection reports.

Marine Industry

  • NOPCommerce/.Net Retail System for Marine Supply company: Created the front end online retail and catalog system implementing NOPCommerce on a Microsoft IIS platform.
  • B2B Wholesale System:A web based B2B application to provide wholesale customers with the ability to search for product both locally and using Huggins engine data, pricing, availability, fulfillment, and to push data to the company’s accounting and ERP system (MAS and NCR Counterpoint).
  • B2C Retail System: A WooCommerce B2C store front for retail customers that is fully integrated with the Counterpoint ERP system for inventory management and fulfillment.
  • WooCommerce to NCR Counterpoint Data Synchronization system: We planned on using a 3rd party system to handle real-time data synchronization between the different platforms, but it was defective, so PBSD created similar functionality in a brand new program to handle these services.
  • MS SQL Data Queue: Using MS SQL’s Service Broker, we created a real-time synchronization technology to sync data between the HELM B2B system and NCR Counterpoint.

Medical Industry

  • St. Lucie Department of Health (Florida): Created a system and integration for the management of Ryan White grantees. Saved countless hours of time for reporting to the government. Main benefits were automated patient intake, clear communication between case workers, doctors, pharmacies, and patients. Shortened the intake period from 6 weeks to under 1 week. 
  • Diabetes Coalition of the Palm Beaches: Created a mobile and cloud-based platform for medical professionals to use for blood screening, testing, and reporting. All data is now collected via iPad, and directly saved to the cloud. The system calculated BMI Index, as well as other health-related items that combine to create a diabetic score for the patient.
  • Medical – Jackson Memorial Hospital: Created an inventory control and management system, with Preventative Maintenance and Inspections modules, and compliance reporting

Manufacturing Industry

  • Awning Company ERP/CRM – Created a cloud-based system to manage the production aspects of the business. Created workflows to manage the entire production process, parts, purchasing, invoicing, and collections.
  • Swimsuit Manufacturer: Creator of Venus Swimwear’s bathing suits. Created a cloud-based system to manage the production aspects of the business. Created workflows to manage the entire production process, samples, design process, parts, purchasing, invoicing, and collections. Also created logistics modules to manage the international shipping and inventory. 
  • Bearings Manufacturer: Created and managed integrations and interfaces for back-office management and distribution of ball bearings. Created a mobile application which includes a working life-like caliper gauge to precisely measure direct on-screen on the device.
  • The Pool People – created a warehouse management system that integrated with Timberline accounting, to manage inventory, expenses, installers, and work orders. 
  • CraftMaster Pools – Created a quoting tool. Created a CRM, A/R, A/P, Invoicing, Collections.
  • Production Management Application for Roofing Company: Created IOS application for tablets in the field for the construction foreman to easily show progress and expenses, but drawing with their finger on top of the blueprints. This information will be consumed, and reported and billed.
  • Ideal Roofing Systems – Created a multi-project monitoring system that managed all aspects of this roofing company.  This company would install whole subdivisions at a time, and each home is a separate project.  It managed inventory, income, expenses, job costing, purchasing, receiving and more. 

Legal Industry

  • Home Owner’s Association (HOA) A/R Collections Package: Created a system to manage collections, litigation, etc. 
  • Teleconferencing Services – Created a system to collect data from different group phone systems, and provide detailed billing and reporting. 
  • Document Vault – Created a system to manage documents and log access for investors when viewing business prospectus and other confidential documents used in M&A mergers. 

Automotive Industry

  • Tint World – Converted an existing Magento e-comm site into WooCommerce. Added tons of custom controls including a store-finder, integrations and interfaces to external parts supply, and more. 
  •  Car Inspections System -MyUsedCarBuddy.com –  Created a cloud-based system for a car-inspection company. The inspectors now use a mobile app to do the inspections. All images and data are sent to the cloud and converted into a beautiful report for their customers. 

General Business Applications

  • BusinessPowerTools.com – Created a cloud-based system to manage the important functions of a small business. Modules include: Business Plan Builder, HR Document Builder, Sales Document Builder/mailer, Employee Manual builder and more.  Currently integrating AI features into this popular and mature application.
  • Swimsuit Manufacturer: Created a cloud-based system to manage the production aspects of the business. Created workflows to manage the entire production process, parts, purchasing, invoicing, and collections. Also created logistics modules to manage the international shipping and inventory. 
  • CRM – Many contact management systems were built for our clients over the years, custom to their business. 
  • Real Estate Application: South Florida Homes & Lifestyles have a knovel concept of providing realestate searching by lifestyle.  We developed a cloud based application in DotNetNuke that provided features to search communities and properties by a variety of life style choices.  If you wanted fly-in fly-out neighborhood or ocean views, the application would provide you list of communities and the realestate agent to contact.
  • Foreclosure Magazine– Created software to manage data and create reports. The data was then used for the magazine publication itself.