Enterprise Sized Business

Application Development and Large Data

Multiple Locations, Rolling Inventory, Complex Security Models, Compliance Management, Analytics

Enterprise Level

Enterprise clients leverage Palm Beach Software Design for many different reasons, for example, when speed is required and the in-house team is already over-allocated, or when a specific technology is required where the necessary talent is not available. We also work well with your team when you simply need the additional people-power to accelerate a project development rate. Our architects understand how to work with large data, and can create and maintain data lakes, data warehouses, and data stores. Business Intelligence is critical for all sizes of companies, but the gathering of data from an Enterprise level company comes with many challenges that we are ready to tackle!

In the Cloud...

We have extensive experience working with the major cloud application providers, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS. It is now easy to distribute economical systems that automatically expand and contract based on usage to continually optimize costs and performance. Connecting data from across the street, or around the world is required for today's economy.

We Thrive on Large Projects

We have some really smart people working for us, and a world class team and knowledge base to compliment our local team. Any senior project team consists of a minimum of Software Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Technical Writer, Developers, and our QA Team.

Let's start the conversation...

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We start the journey by Listening , not selling...

Our goal is to sync our minds to your business, so we can provide meaningful input and guidance that improve the process and deliverables. We understand your goals first, then worry about data and programming once we have a good solid understanding.