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Web Design trends for 2015

                With it being well into 2015 some old and new design trends are beginning to pop up. Here is a list of five design trends that I have seen while searching the internet for design ideas. Responsive, Responsive, and more Responsive With more people using different size devices to search the internet it is very important ...

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Amazing Advances in Remote Control Models

I bought a couple of drone (Quadcopters) models, and of course, being the tinkerer I am, bought them as kits, and built them myself. I've always been a "gas/nitro fuel" guy, but new technology and power sources are now cheap and easily available, so I went with all new electric-power technologies.  LIPO batteries, Electronic Speed, easy-peasy, and no mess, no gas, no smoke, ...

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Home Automation using Z-Wave

  • Meng Wu
  • 3/26/2015 10:14:00 AM

A couple months ago I wrote an article introducing current home automation technology and why I chose Z-Wave technology. Essentially my reasoning was that it will make your home “Smart”. Today, I will tell you how home automation with Z-Wave technology actually works. The controller is the core of the Z-Wave network. It coordinates the communication between all the Z-Wave devices on your network. ...

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Should I Get a Smart Watch Now?

With the rise of new wearable technology it sparks the question if now is the best time to jump in or wait for the product to evolve.  Let’s face it, we live in a world where new devices and technologies change and improve every day.  Even Apple is on the verge of releasing their Smart Watch at the end of April which is ...

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Virtual Reality Gaming

The term VR is being tossed around a lot recently, especially with all the advancements in the Oculus Rift and now Sony’s Project Morpheus, along with Microsoft’s new HoloLens technology and Valve’s SteamVR. The big virtual reality push started a couple years ago with the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is a headset that displays different images to each eye effectively mimicking real life ...

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Project Ara: The future of Mobile Phones?

“Designed exclusively for 6 billion people.” That is the tag line for Google’s still in development Project Ara. Project Ara is an upcoming fully modular cell phone being developed under the Motorola brand. What does “fully modular” mean exactly? Well the phone itself is made up of a frame with different sections and each section can fit a different attachment. Here are some pictures ...

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CSS4 and what to expect

With the Internet and technology continuously evolving, it is no surprise that CSS4 was being talked about back in 2013, and this new technology is starting to be implemented by web designers around the globe. Even though CSS3 is fairly “new”, it will eventually disappear with the new kid on the block coming into it’s own. No, CSS3 will not disappear overnight, but we ...

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The Quest for Efficiency In Software Development

Last week, I stumbled upon a pretty neat-o website called Basically, the concept is to match you up with people that can perform a task or service for you, and they'll do it for FIVE BUCKS ($5)!  Hard to believe, so I continued looking into it.  I found people willing to take pictures with your products, people who will do a short ...

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Android and JSON data Awesome Tools from The App Guruz

In my never-ending quest for automation of the daily work we do, and the ability to PROFIT by not reinventing the wheel each and every time we do something, I have found a couple of very handy utilities for working with JSON data. The first one, listed below, can be used for any language, etc, because it's just visualizing JSON data. The second utility ...

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