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What Customers Are Saying About Us

Tarkenton Financial

Fran Tarkenton

NFL Hall of Famer and Founder of Tarkenton Companies and

Our virtual consulting practice runs completely on the systems developed and maintained by Palm Beach Software Design.

Rick Gossett

COO, Tarkenton Companies

We have used Mark's company for software development for 10+ years. From developing software for our companies to use internally, to producing world-class commercial applications for both Windows Desktop and the Internet, each project has produced software that hits the mark.

Support and direct communication with the software developers at Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. have made it a pleasure for us to work with them. Immediate support and pride in their deliverables set them above the rest.

Lear Corporation

Michael D. Kanter

Lear Corporation

I am impressed with Palm Beach Software Design’s creativity and problem solving skills. The document template design and data extraction method utilized was nothing short of genius.

Jackson Memorial Hospital

Simon Miranda

Bio-Medical Specialist at Jackson Memorial Hospital

My name is Simon Miranda, I was the Chief Bio-Medical Engineer at Jackson Memorial Hospital from 2000 to 2011, In 2007 I awarded a contract to Peter Ruz and Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. to develop software for Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL.

The software manages inventory and maintenance, work order system to track expenditures, equipment inventory, history and service calls. Mr. Ruz and a team of developers from Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. worked with me and the biomedical engineering staff in order to design the BioMed Software System. From design to final delivery the team managed to come in under cost and ahead of most deadlines. The Biomedical system was seamlessly migrated and deployed; it is capable of maintaining service records and support for over 23k pieces of equipment, and track expenditures of such equipment. Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. and Mr. Ruz also provided ongoing support and development of the system. I feel Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. would be an asset to any project no matter how large or small, they have a very good mindset when tackling difficult projects. It was my pleasure to have worked with Mr. Ruz and Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. I would absolutely recommend Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. for software development.

Association of Mechanical Engineers

Lucy Abrams

Techst Solutions, LLC. and the Association of Mechanical Engineers

Hi all, I want to send a shout out to all of you who were so deeply involved in BPVC 2013 production.

The series has now been released to print, which is a significant accomplishment given the many phases of the production process, the volume of data, and the very tight schedule that needed to be maintained.

I would like to thank you for the great efforts you all made in helping meet the (extended) deadline. This was truly a team effort and the success in meeting deadline could not have been accomplished without each and every one of you (including quite a few others for which I would appreciate your extending my gratitude) and it is greatly appreciated.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again, in future.

Merritt Supply Ecommerce Store

Tim Oenbrink

General Manager at Merritt Supply

Hi Mark, I have not had any reason to contact you lately and just want to let you know that you have not been forgotten.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have a really great 2013! I was going over some year-end reports and wanted to fill you in on how the redesigned website is doing. On the retail side we saw an increase in sales of 60 percent last year! The wholesale side has shown some improvement also. We have been working close with a select customer base so far and are pleased with the results and ready to launch to the next level. Travis and I are moving forward with an intense marketing program to get this accomplished. I would like you to know that I really appreciate your support on this project. When management has to work in an area that they are unfamiliar with you know it can be a bit scary these days! I want you to know that we made the right choice and I would be happy to give you a recommendation to any of your future clients.

Tarkenton Financial

Jeff Cordle

Marketing Technology Manager, Tarkenton Financial

Mark runs a great shop -- Palm Beach Software. His years of IT & coding background add up to provide a lot of value for his clients. I've always enjoyed working with Mark...his attention to detail and his personable style. One typically expects "guys who write code" to have a total geek personality -- not the case with Mark (and James). They can break the most technical details down to the most understandable level. This is a great sign of a professional in my book. I highly recommend Mark.

Treasure Coast Health Council

Andrea Stevenson

MBA, MHS, Executive Director HCSEF (Formerly Treasure Coast Health Council)

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and James for the high quality work, exceptional customer service, and "above and beyond" commitment that you all have provided the Health Council for over seven years. The database application you initially developed for us in 2005 has progressed over the years as needs and technology have changed.
What started as a basic concepts to make things easier for our users has evolved into a high functioning database for which we rely on to monitor and manage both the programmatic and financial aspects of the service delivery system we oversee. We came to you having a solid understanding of our service delivery program and a vision for the database. You all were able to translate our vision into a tangible product that provides up the oversight and accountability required, while ensuring that the end user experience is meaningful and easy. We cannot thank you enough.

MI Courier Services, Inc.

Julius C. Gotay

President, MI Courier Services, Inc.

Gentlemen, I am very thankful for your support. As always I’ve been able to count on you guys when needed the most. You guys have been wonderful and I look forward for our relationship to grow way beyond for many more years.

Coach Judy Romanoff

Affililate with Cool Trader Pro, Talk Show Host Founder & Executive Director of National Single Parent Resource Center

Mark has been a steady mentor and and an excellent resource of information in my study of his trade - or, perhaps more appropriately labeled, his art form. Under his tutelage, my knowledge of software development has grown exponentially, which has been invaluable to my company's efforts to meet the growing demands of the software sales and distribution process. In this way, he has proven to be more than a worthy business partner - he is a truly supportive friend and colleague. Mark Turkel is a great person professionally and personally. He truly cares about you as an individual and how he can benefit your business. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Maya Cochran

President, CEO | Marketeer

Mark's business is exceptional! It is always a pleasure to work with such a wonderfully structured and respectable company. Palm Beach Software has proven time and time again of being an industry leader! The expert knowledge, customer support and variety of products set them apart from anyone in their respective field.

John Coggin

Experienced Creative Director, with Background in Mobile/Web Development and Social Media Strategy

Mark heads up an immensely talented team at Palm Beach Software Development. Without their passion, knowledge and expertise, not only would I not have a product to sell, I'd be lost in a world that until last year was almost completely foreign to me!