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Our Human Resources Philosophy

We believe there is tangible value in a small, tight-knit, in-house development and support team. Palm Beach Software Design thoroughly tests and culturally vets new staff before they come aboard because we work closely together as a team.

We support and encourage talented young developers and web professionals and we look for both database design and implementation experience as architectural foundations. Then, we train, and manage closely, in the fast-paced environment that defines modern software development.

As a small company, we require our staff to be cross-competent in several different areas, which gives everyone the opportunity to gain robust experience beyond the limitations of individual job titles. We are extremely proud of our culturally diverse, capable staff and revel in the projects our approach allows us to accomplish.

Our philosophy is to know and grow our team, work together in partnership with clients, and provide exactly what the client needs at a reasonable price, with no waste from excessive management layers. We leverage a solid knowledge of technology to organize business processes, and we are accountable, in an up close and personal way.

Mark Turkel:

CEO and Senior Software Architect

Mark Turkel has been developing software since 1983, with a long history of successful applications and projects using web, desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms including .Net/SQL Server, Java (Android), Objective-C/Swift (iPhone/iPad), and Windows (Surface).

Mark is currently the CEO and Senior Software Architect at Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. He is an active Senior Software Architect, and remains very involved in the Scope and Analysis stages of our software development cycle, directly influencing all aspects of software development and our ability to execute quickly and professionally as a team.

Virtually all of our clients have experienced a measurable increase of thirty to fifty percent in internal productivity and organizational efficiency. Because of our enhanced analysis and understanding of their business models, we are able to create usable business intelligence that positively affects profitability.

With 30+ years of hands-on experience, Mark has worked with many different types of code, including Microsoft .Net Technologies, ASP.Net, VB.net, C#, Silverlight, MVC, SQL Server, iOS/Objective-C, and Android (Java).

Mark Turkel: CEO and Senior Software Architect Mark Turkel: CEO and Senior Software Architect

James Wright:

James Wright: CTO and Senior Software Architect James Wright: CTO and Senior Software Architect

CTO and Senior Software Architect

James has been a major force at PBSD for more than 10 years. Outstanding database and analytical skills, strong large database experience, and an uncanny knowledge of .Net software development are just some highlights of his software design and development abilities.

James grew up around computers, teaching himself BASIC at a young age. His college education was broad, encompassing computer science, accounting and marketing. After college, he joined the US Air Force working in computer communications. Later, he gained experience working as a programmer with several large corporations where he worked with Oracle, SQL server, and web development. His notable achievements include a document imaging and optical recognition project for Lear Corporation, and the creation of a patient management system for the Florida Department of Health, both of which combine high technology with solid business acumen.

The development team ultimately reports to James, who plays a key role: in scope and requirements technical documentation; database design and management; and technology decisions for new projects.

Diana Wilcox Layman:

Director of Marketing

Diana Wilcox Layman’s professional career has centered on technology and business for many years. She developed her knowledge-base while serving as a marketing manager and marketing director for two software companies, as marketing director in a publishing concern, as a senior account manager in high tech advertising, and as strategic vice president for a public relations firm. She is a published author with an award in journalism.

Ms. Layman's extensive professional writing experience includes web content, telemarketing scripts, sales literature and seminars, product documentation and demonstration materials, public relations materials, and a wide variety of speeches and articles. She has the ability to take very technical material and make it palatable to a broad audience. This, combined with her practical approach to new product introduction, trade show and promotion planning, pricing and distribution strategy provides Palm Beach Software Design clients with a unique combination of sound strategic planning and experienced tactical perspective.

Diana Wilcox Layman: Marketing Director Diana Wilcox Layman: Marketing Director

Derek Felbinger:

Derek Felbinger: Director of Sales Derek Felbinger: Director of Sales

Director of Sales

Mr. Felbinger joined Palm Beach Software Design in early 2017 as Director of Sales along with the web development, SEO, and social media staff from his company, SquareD Marketing. Since 2008, SquareD helped clients maximize their results through digital marketing; branding strategies; and specific SEO and social media tactics that should be part of every digital marketing plan. Every business organization is different and the software and digital marketing strategies should be customized for that business to achieve maximum ROI.

Previous to the founding of SquareD in 2008, Derek was a senior business consultant and business developer for one of our nation's largest business consulting firms. In that capacity, Derek worked with over 275 small and medium sized businesses from coast to coast. He has developed marketing and advertising initiatives for over 300 companies and has overseen the opening of 16 separate businesses. Strategically, Felbinger and the Square D staff fit well with Palm Beach Software Design because both companies offer a custom approach to the client services.