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Executive Team

We believe there is tangible value in a small, tight-knit, in-house development and support team.

Palm Beach Software Design thoroughly tests and culturally vets new staff before they come aboard because we work closely together as a team. We support and encourage talented young developers and web professionals and we look for both database design and implementation experience as architectural foundations. Then, we train, and manage closely, in the fast-paced environment that defines modern software development.

As a small company, we require our staff to be cross-competent in several different areas, which gives everyone the opportunity to gain robust experience beyond the limitations of individual job titles. We are extremely proud of our culturally diverse, capable staff and revel in the projects our approach allows us to accomplish.

Our philosophy is to know and grow our team, work together in partnership with clients, and provide exactly what the client needs at a reasonable price, with no waste from excessive management layers. We leverage a solid knowledge of technology to organize business processes, and we are accountable, in an up close and personal way.

Mark Turkel

CEO and Senior Software Architect

Mark sufing in Florida.

Mark Turkel has been developing software since 1983, with a long history of successful applications and projects using web, desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms including .Net/SQL Server, Java (Android), Objective-C/Swift (iPhone/iPad), and Windows (Surface).

James Wright

CTO and Senior Software Architect

James, taking a swing with a six iron.

James has been a major force at PBSD for more than 10 years. Outstanding database and analytical skills, strong large database experience, and an uncanny knowledge of .Net software development are just some highlights of his software design and development abilities.