We Won't Get Fooled again!

Why Low-Cost Software Vendors Fail Projects

We Won't be fooled again!
We Won't be fooled again!

Did you know that the #1 thing that kills projects is people that are too busy to care. Have you tried to outsource work, just to find out that you could have done it better, faster, and more efficiently yourself? Top reasons why low-cost outsourced projects fail:

  • No Scope and Requirements or Specifications created
  • Not enough resources allocated
  • No understanding of your business, only the programming issue
  • Communication Issues 
We hope you don’t have a “fail” story to share, but if you do, there’s usually a lot to learn from it for next time…

Low-cost software development vendors do not allocate an appropriate amount of resources to get the job done correctly. They don’t take the time to understand your business, so they don’t get involved in “why” you need the software, and what the problems you’re trying to solve.

In other words, they are thoughtless programming robots, that will do exactly what you say to do, and never ask the right questions to make sure that what they are doing will benefit YOUR BUSINESS

Low-cost software development vendors do not have time to plan, build, and test things thoroughly. They let YOU do that, and will not get involved, because they don’t care. 

And worst of all, as they get towards the end of the project, low-cost vendors  start working on their sales and marketing campaigns to land the next project, instead of putting 100% of their attention into finishing the project they’re working on.  


Doing it the right way

Leading Factors in Successful Software Projects

There are several common attributes of a successful software development project. Here are the top reasons why we always have a great outcome:

  • Full Senior-Staff Engagement in the Project
  • A complete understanding of the business, its Mission, and its processes
  • Project Stakeholders are engaged
  • Specialists for Software Architecture and Data
  • A Clear Scope of Work and Specifications is created
  • A realistic budget has been put in place to allow the proper amount of time and resources
  • A timeline with milestones is adhered to
  • Direct communication between our clients and our developers
  • Project Managers with related coding experience

As The Who says "We won't be fooled again!" And neither should you...


Let’s start out with a short “No-Sales Zone” Zoom call. The goal is to meet each other, and talk about the crazy things people do to keep the wheels turning, and possibly talk about things we can do through software and automation to make your company better, stronger, compliant, and more efficient. 

Do you want to reduce your stress, lower your overhead, and automate so your company can produce more and service more?