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Welcome to the Coaches Webinar Campaign by Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. (PBSD). This exclusive campaign is designed for executive business coaches seeking to provide exceptional value to their clients while generating additional income. 

Our webinar (learn more) is a must-attend event for business owners and c-level executives currently involved in software development projects or those soon to embark on one.

An interactive presentation with Mark Turkel, author of “Software Development Playbook”We will delve into the core principles and practical strategies that drive the success of software development initiatives

Mark Turkel, author, "Software Development Playbook"

This engaging session is designed to empower your clients and prospects:  business owners and C-level executives (project stakeholders) with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricacies of software projects and achieve exceptional results.

“Partner with us and co-sponsor our live webinar, “Running Software Development Projects,” and unlock exciting opportunities for collaboration and financial rewards.”

Benefits for Coaches

Partner with us and co-sponsor our live webinar, “Running Software Development Projects,” and unlock exciting opportunities for collaboration and financial rewards.

  • Free Webinar to your Clients and Prospects
  • Show your brand as a sponsor
  • Limited partnership (revenue-share) for coaches!

By co-sponsoring our webinar, you position yourself as a provider of top-tier value to your coaching clients. As a coach, you understand the importance of providing your clients with knowledge and resources that drive their businesses forward. Here are some key benefits of partnering with us:

1. Exceptional Value: Co-brand the webinar and deliver a high-quality, fluff-free event packed with valuable information specifically tailored for your clients.

2. Expanded Reach: Tap into a fresh audience of business owners and c-level executives who are actively seeking guidance on software development projects.

3. Revenue Opportunity: Earn a 25% commission for each of your clients who enroll in our Master Class Workshop ($499/person) on Effective Requirements Gathering and Preparing for Software Development Success. This exclusive workshop provides personalized guidance from our experienced PBSD Software Architects and Business Analysts.

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Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. is a leading software development company dedicated to empowering businesses through innovative solutions.

With our Coaches Webinar Campaign, we aim to forge partnerships that deliver exceptional value to executive business coaches and their clients. Together, let's make a significant impact on software development projects and drive business success.