Do You Trust Your People to Work From Home?

Learn How to Streamline and Manage Your Workforce Remotely

I am personally enjoying working from home these days. We have automated everything necessary to remove the dependence on the physical office, and we’re now saving upwords of $15,000/month by having a remote workforce! This is a LOT for a small business! Sure, it was scary in the beginning, but we quickly learned that with the right tools available to our people, they worked much more efficiently, with less stress, and actually put in more time than they were at the office! And do you know how we found this out? Our wonderful clients started calling us to praise how engaged we were, how fast the work was happening, and the level of accuracy has increased!!!!  

WOW!  Who doesn’t want to hear that????  Do you want to know exactly what we did?  LOL, I’ll tell you exactly what we did when we chat…so click the button below and schedule a time for us to talk. 

I do miss some things about the office, but I’ll tell you, “productivity” was certainly not on the list!  I missed hanging around and joking with my people!  I missed going out to expensive lunches.  I missed “the conference room”. And I also realized that none of these things helped me to produce more, better, or faster. 

What DID help us to produce more, better, and faster were the apps and applications we put in place to make sure our team was engaged, happy, and had the tools they needed to get their work done – whether it was sales, service, or production – we made awesome improvements that have already paid for itself several times over!

One more thing…not everything we did was building custom software.  In some instances, we simply built some integrations with existing packages already in use. That’s why we should chat – every business is different, with different needs, and that is why we always come up with affordable software solutions for our clients.

And are you following me on social media?  Look at my face – I’m HAPPY!  My stress is much lower, my family gets more time with me, my employees love their job…and it is all because we made some strategic moves to improve communication and the flow of information.

No Sales Zone

Our Proprietary Process Increases Productivity, Communication, and Customer Service


Let’s start out with a short “No-Sales Zone” Zoom call. The goal is to meet each other, and talk about the crazy things people do to keep the wheels turning, and possibly talk about things we can do through software and automation to make your company better, stronger, compliant, and more efficient. 

Do you want to reduce your stress, lower your overhead, and automate so your company can produce more and service more?