Tint World

Tint World contracted with Palm Beach Software Design in 2019 to migrate their existing Magento ecommerce site over to WooCommerce. Tint World is the #1 provider of automotive styling. Established in 1982, their headquarters are located in Boca Raton Florida, with over 80 franchises in four countries. They provide high-quality window tinting and vehicle accessories to people who love their cars.

The Problem

Tint World was using a Magento ecommerce solution, and they were not happy with the features and the performance.   The ecommerce store carried over 600,000 products for the automotive, marine, residential, and commercial industries.  They wanted a better solution to allow their franchises to manage their content.   The site needed to have an easy way to find a store near them and once located, the customer should be able to quickly schedule an appointment.

Additionally, data and feeds from ACES and PIES, Wheels Pro, Keystone, SEMA Data Coop, and 20 other auto part manufacturer parts information needed to be integrated into solution.  

The Solution

Woo Commerce was the chosen ecommerce solution.  Since it lives in WordPress, a multisite instance was implemented to allow each of the 80 plus franchise with the ability to manage content specific to their store.

We started by reviewing the entire existing site.  After setting up the store, we exported the existing 600,000 products and imported into the new Woo Commerce store.  Next, we had to setup and configure the sub sites for each of the franchises.  Finally, we setup of integration for the data and part feeds from ACES and PIES, Wheels Pro, Keystone, SEMA Data Coop, and the other 20 auto part manufacturers.  The data was normalized using Channel Advisors and Wise Robot to develop a custom API that works directly with Woo Commerce.

Hosted with Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen to host the new stores.  An high availability unfractured was used (image to the left) to provide redundancy, load balancing, and fast content delivery.  The end result was a FAST and robust ecommerce solution that allows for an increase of more than 1 million products and thousands of connections. 

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