Should I Get a Smart Watch Now?

With the rise of new wearable technology it sparks the question if now is the best time to jump in or wait for the product to evolve. Let’s face it, we live in a world where new devices and technologies change and improve every day.

Virtual Reality Gaming

The term VR is being tossed around a lot recently, especially with all the advancements in the Oculus Rift and now Sony’s Project Morpheus, along with Microsoft’s new HoloLens technology and Valve’s SteamVR.

Project Ara: The future of Mobile Phones?

That is the tag line for Google’s still in development Project Ara. Project Ara is an upcoming fully modular cell phone being developed under the Motorola brand. What does “fully modular” mean exactly? Well the phone itself is made…

DotNetNuke CMS

We have been working with DotNetNuke CMS since it’s inception way-back-when…it is currently up to version 7 now, and it is a world-class CMS. Looks fantastic, easy to learn and use, and we have decided to start providing enterprise level software applications incorporating the DNN shell.

Wingin’ It

The importance of a good scope and requirements document is so high that it will make or break a project. Once again, I stepped in my own poop by trying to “be a nice guy and save my client some money”.

Bringing Back the Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are available with many different options that reduce fatigue and strain on the hands and wrists.

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