Your Mission Statement

Today I’d like to tell you about some of the ongoing changes inside of Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. Last week, we redefined our Mission Statement, and this was a very important task paving the way for better sales, communication, and cohesion within our company.

Building a Single Page Application? Use Angular!

Single Page Applications (SPA) are quite the rave today, and rightly so! Bringing the “cool factor” to your website has never been easier.

Expand your home entertainment with an HTPC

HTPCs have been quickly gaining traction in the PC world. HTPC stands for Home Theater PC, and what makes them so desirable is that they are capable of playing all different types of media.

Web Design trends for 2015

With it being well into 2015 some old and new design trends are beginning to pop up. Here is a list of five design trends that I have seen while searching the internet for design ideas.

Amazing Advances in Remote Control Models

After a 6 year hiatus from flying model airplanes and helicopters, I decided I missed it, and jumped back in. WOW! How technology has changed in 6 short years…

Home Automation using Z-Wave

A couple months ago I wrote an article introducing current home automation technology and why I chose Z-Wave technology. Essentially my reasoning was that it will make your home “Smart”. Today, I will tell you how home automation with Z-Wave technology actually works.

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