Are you letting the machines do the repetitive stuff?

“Let’s chat! Here’s a link to my schedule, feel free to pick a time convenient for you. I’ll take care of the scheduling, and I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, either in person, or via Zoom.”

Mark Turkel Palm Beach Software Design
Mark Turkel, Founder, CEO, Senior Software Architect, Author, Dad, and Husband

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You SHOULD be Leveraging More Technology for Your Business!

Congratulations! Taking this quiz means you know you need some improvements, and you’re taking first steps to getting there. You some things automated in your business already!

Based on your score, I’ll bet you are already looking for more ways to optimize and improve the processes in your business. You know what you want to do, now comes the hard part of finding the right team to execute. 

At Palm Beach Software Design, we’ve been working with folks just like you for over 35 years. We are experienced in creating detailed requirements specifications for our developers, as well as expressing potential solutions clearly to our clients to make sure every project is a complete success!

We take the time and to visualize and understand your business from beginning to end, and we will come up with an affordable game plan based on your needs and budget. 

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We start the journey by listening, not selling...​

Our goal is to sync our minds to your business, so we can provide meaningful input and guidance that improve the process and deliverables. We understand your goals first, then worry about data and programming once we have a good solid understanding.