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Congratulations - Your Quiz Results Has Shown that Your Business Can Be More Profitable with Automation!

Your results show that you are behind industry standards because you are doing most things manually. Are there things that a computer can do better/faster/more efficiently than a person in your business?  Can that person be used for other tasks that can perhaps bring more value to the company if they weren’t tied up with the repetitive, time consuming tasks?

Are you thinking about improving your business? Most professionals resist change, but you’re open-minded to it. Just by taking this quiz, you know that you need to automate manual processes in your business, and you’re taking first steps to getting there. 

Based on your score, there’s room to optimize and improve several  processes in your business. Until now, you probably have been adding more people to the mix to get the work done at a faster pace – but this is a band-aid that will cost you more in the long run. You know your business will be more efficient with automation.

How Do Businesses Just Like Yours Know When to Engage a Software Development Company?

  • Too Many Repetitive Tasks
  • Chaotic Workflow
  • Duplication of Information







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Mark Turkel, Founder, CEO, Senior Software Architect, Author, Dad, and Husband


You know what you want to do, now comes the hard part of finding the right team to execute. 

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