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Mobile Apps and Applications

Palm Beach Software Design has expertise in a number of development approaches for custom software and application creation for all mobile devices including phones, tablets, and embedded devices. 

We can use one of two methods to create your mobile application: Native or SaaS implementations.

With Native code, we create a complete mobile application, and it is installed from an app-store. The programming and executable code will live on the device permanently (until the user deletes the app).

Our SaaS-based (Software as a Service) application development model allows users to log-in to a business’s tailored app without having to download anything onto the user’s device. In other words, we build a very “light-weight” program that will host a web-application on the device. 

Mobile Applications are increasingly deployed by general business concerns to leverage the use of tablets and smartphones by many different types of personnel, from sales to production to distribution. Full desktop applications are scaled to critical path operations for mobile field use including:

Native and Cross-Platform (Hybrid) Development

Native development means the creation of separate applications for each mobile platform. That is, you need to develop an application for iOS and another one for Android. Then the applications will be uploaded to the particular platform stores for download and use by the general public, or it may be an internally used app with restricted installation policies for “employees only”, for example.

Benefits of Native Application Development

Cross-Platform, or Hybrid Mobile App Development is the creation of a common code base for two or more mobile platforms (iOS and Android, for example). There will be a translator that converts this hybrid code to run “natively” on the intended device.

Benefits of Cross-Platform or Hybrid Development

Our Mobile Development Process

Virtually any series of tasks routinely completed during the business day can be accomplished on mobile delivery platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS for Apple utilizing a custom-designed mobile business application.

Many companies find their mobile application development “go to” team at Palm Beach Software because our Windows/Android/iOS expertise and project management experience go beyond software to encompass day-to-day business function concerns. We go out of our way to make sure that we have a very detailed understanding of what needs to be done and then, we go one step further. We also ask about business issues we’ve encountered on similar applications that have not yet been raised because we have been professionally designing software that solves business problems for years.

We consult as we go, making sure that every base is covered. Our principals are personally accountable to C-level client management to make sure that the client company’s needs are met. We are flexible in the way we work with different companies and because we are smaller, we are agile and able to support client companies strongly in “crunch” times. Our communication features unmatched transparency, providing security and confidence to executives who do not deal in the IT, software design and application development arenas regularly. We incorporate the latest in mobile and cloud technology on a variety of platforms.

When you commit to a project with Palm Beach Software Design, you receive the competence of experienced business people and professional software developers, the talent and tightness of a hand-picked young programming team, and the accountability and integrity of an owner-operated business. Let us know how we can help you, today.

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Let us know if you would like a live demonstration of any of our programs or websites — we’ll be happy to show you our work in a one-on-one environment. We work with the Microsoft .Net technologies including C#, ASP.Net, as well as LAMP-Stack technologies like PHP, MariaDB, and WordPress. We work with many different database technologies specializing in SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and MySQL. Our track record for successful projects is 100%. We know that the excellence of our design, solid competent programming, and fast and efficient support contribute to our longevity as a business partner to our client base.
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