The Diabetes Coalition Palm Beach County is a voluntary nonprofit alliance of over 50 health care organizations and community partners working together to prevent diabetes and improve the lives of people living with the disease, and those touched by it through awareness, education, advocacy, and access to care.  They would provide diabetes screening at various events around Palm Beach County, during which they would complete a paper survey.  After the event, someone need to manually tabulate all of the answers for every question.  This, obviously, it a time consuming process.  To add to the pain, they had to prepare a combined report quarterly on their findings for in order to continue to receive funding.  


The objective for a custom solution was to provide a application that:

  • Can be accessed in the browser and on an Apple® iPad®
  • Will recorded all responses within a database for easy tabulation and reporting
  • Be easy to use

The application was to be used by several volunteers during the course of event, so it needed to be intuitive so that little training was needed to get started.


As with any application, we start by creating a scope and requirement document.  The document defines the screens that the users will interact with, the business rules that must be applied, and the security of the system.  The scope and requirements document is the blueprint for the application.  Just like building a house, you should not start without a blueprint.  Mockups are created to help our customer gain a sense of how the application will look and function.   Once the mockups are finished and the customer is satisfied with the look and feel, we break down each screen into its data and function requirements.  Each of these screen will become a module for development.  


Mockup (Before)
Application (After)

For the Diabetes Coalition application, we chose a VueJs as the front end with Asp.Net Core C# API as the backend.  Microsoft SQL Server is our database of choice as is it robust and well supported by Microsoft.  Using VueJs as the frontend, we designed the application to be responsive so that it will equally nice in the web browser and on an iPad®.


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