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Is Your Business PCI, ADA, or HIPPA Compliant?

Software Compliance PCI HIPPA ADA
Software Compliance PCI HIPPA ADA


Protecting your customer’s or patient’s personal data has become a huge issue as of late. Lawsuits in the millions of dollars for data breaches are a normal occurance. These are scary times to be a business owner, or responsible for a larger business. We are targets, we are victims, and in some cases, we cause the damage to others by not protecting their data as required by the law.


When we build a new software package for a client, or maybe go in to do some updates and other work, we make sure it is going to be compliant according to the laws of both your industry and your country. This need to protect may incur additional fees, but are a tiny fraction of the money fined when there’s a data breach. 

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Let’s start out with a short “No-Sales Zone” Zoom call. The goal is to meet each other, and talk about the crazy things people do to keep the wheels turning, and possibly talk about things we can do through software and automation to make your company better, stronger, compliant, and more efficient. 

Do you want to reduce your stress, lower your overhead, and automate so your company can produce more and service more?