Gamification – Bringing Popular Gaming Techniques to Business

Gamification is a technique used to reach your audience at a more engaging level, by allowing the user to unlock special features and/or earn points for things they have accomplished that is measured by the website.

Is the Lowest Price Always the Best Choice?

Shopping for the Best Price: Is this the best practice for your business? This week something very interesting happened at Palm Beach Software Design.

Cloud Applications – Are They Worth It?

The latest trend we’re seeing in regards to custom application development is finding more cloud-based applications which handle the needs of the business.

Simple Facts: Why your business NEEDS Custom Software

The reasons why or how and when a business should consider a custom software solution are multi-faceted.

How to NOT Look Ugly on a Webcam

Thinking about posting some tutorials, or maybe a discussion topic of the latest and greatest technology you’ve discovered, or maybe just doing some video conferencing with friends or business associates? Here’s 10 great tips to make you look like a star:

Windows 8 Hot Keys

Hi All,

I thought I’d post a helpful list of Windows 8 Hot Keys, to make your user experience better:

10 Marketing Resolutions Important for All Mobile Businesses

This article is taken from a newsletter I receive called: Mobile Orchard. It’s usually iOS-centric, but this article is worth sharing for all mobile developers and vendors.

SOPA and You

Last fall, Congress introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA…

Need Help Finding the Right Tools

Trying to figure out what the best software development collaboration tools are…

Thank You Steve

Thank You Steve

I guess we have all known this was coming for some time now. Steve’s second medical leave…and his recent departure as CEO. We hoped that Steve would somehow hang on, and years from now he would at least be providing his brilliant ideas to the company he loved.