10 Marketing Resolutions Important for All Mobile Businesses

This article is taken from a newsletter I receive called: Mobile Orchard. It’s usually iOS-centric, but this article is worth sharing for all mobile developers and vendors.

Gamification – Bringing Popular Gaming Techniques to Business

Gamification is a technique used to reach your audience at a more engaging level, by allowing the user to unlock special features and/or earn points for things they have accomplished that is measured by the website.

DotNetNuke CMS

We have been working with DotNetNuke CMS since it’s inception way-back-when…it is currently up to version 7 now, and it is a world-class CMS. Looks fantastic, easy to learn and use, and we have decided to start providing enterprise level software applications incorporating the DNN shell.

Bringing Back the Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are available with many different options that reduce fatigue and strain on the hands and wrists.

Wingin’ It

The importance of a good scope and requirements document is so high that it will make or break a project. Once again, I stepped in my own poop by trying to “be a nice guy and save my client some money”.

Facebook and Skype Unite

Facebook Today Announced a New Offering with Skype, Video Calling, also included in Facebook’s Chat platform

Thoughts on Twitter

I like Twitter. There, I said it. I have a chronic disease and I have found it to be a wonderful way to connect with other people.

Merging Technology with Health

Recently, I visited a good friend whom I haven’t seen in a while. He has turned into a long-distance runner after battling a pretty dreadful disease.

Beautiful Fonts For Your Website

When putting together a website your font choices are just as important as your content.

Android and JSON data Awesome Tools from The App Guruz

In my never-ending quest for automation of the daily work we do, and the ability to PROFIT by not reinventing the wheel each and every time we do something, I have found a couple of very handy utilities for working with JSON data.