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Web Design and Development by Palm Beach Software Design

Website design and development are significantly influenced by several major factors:

  • Purposes – Data Collection, Credibility, E-commerce, Information
  • Market – Audience (Age, Income, Geographic Location)
  • Development Timeframe – Immediate, Short-Term, Medium-Term
  • Budget – Shoestring, Customary, Investment

We use these factors to make the best recommendation for each individual client whether we are designing from scratch or updating a current site. However, no matter what the mix of factors, there is no substitute for effectiveness – websites that work. Eye catching is great, but does the site do the job it was designed to do?

For example, the design employed on the Palm Beach Software site is heavily informational because our clients are not impulse-buying clothes or surfboards, they are buying intensive intellectual services and business expertise; the design of this website provides the certainty that we can deliver that proficiency and that we will still be here when you need changes or additional services. Our website also ranks highly in SEO searches, which is all-important in today’s business marketplaces. This website isn’t the right style for your business, but it’s not supposed to be. When we are representing a small business consultant and speaker, a large manufacturing concern or an e-commerce site, our approach, timeframe, and the costs are totally different for each.


How We Determine the Right Mix for Your Business

Your website needs to take everyone - all kinds of visitors and especially, prospective clients, by the hand and help them end their search within your product or service offering. Within a few seconds of getting to your site, a visitor needs to know what to do next. Do they need to sign up? Should they click a link to learn more? Should they buy right now? The answers to these questions drive effective websites, not just beautiful graphics or photography.

Once you establish who is coming to your site (your audience) and decide that you are reaching the right audience - when you can define what they are looking for - then, and only then, can you determine what you want them to do, and how to get them to do it while on your site. We use tools to see who is visiting now, the pages they visit, and how long they stay on each page on your site. This information helps us see where the challenges and the opportunities lay. We run a program to see areas where your site is not meeting search engine criteria and use this information to make design changes on your behalf. Our website design services were developed for the crucial purpose of promoting our clients’ brands through highly-optimized sites that are found by search engines – the importance of SEO cannot be over-estimated. 

Around these principles, we wrap attention-grabbing graphics and photography. If your site benefits, we even offer reasonably-priced video production because the web is dynamic, not static. We deliver on these fundamental principles with each and every site we design. All of our websites are focused on marketing the product or services of the client company. The sites we design and update are modern, mobile-friendly and responsive, as well. We take the time to thoroughly scope our clients’ needs and purpose in order to provide maximum customer response and marketing value within a particular budget.

A Word to the Wise – Experience Adds Value

Don't pay for the web design services of anyone who doesn't also have extensive experience in marketing. You are an expert at your business, but unless you are growing so fast you can’t keep up with demand for your product or service, you will benefit from real online marketing expertise. Most on-line services use less-experienced help who cannot offer you the marketing support you need to craft a message and presentation that makes visitors want to buy!

We offer expert web design and landing pages that add value to your business. Why? Because we focus on optimization and client conversion at a reasonable cost. Frankly, most websites are over-priced and what’s more, they are frequently un-optimized when turned over to the client. Moreover, our clients own their websites and if they prefer, are free to access and update them as they wish without our intervention.  We work without long-term contracts so our clients never feel pressured to stay with us for any reason other than their own burning desire to maintain their brand!


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