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Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method by which your business is found in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) on the Internet.

Large and mid-market firms recognize the value of being listed and found on the first pages of an Internet search engine, like Google®, for example, even if they don’t offer products for sale online. Larger organizations realize that there are many factors that influence sales, but many smaller firms are often unsure of the value that SEO provides. Being found when a new prospect is searching for a service business or product type is the primary motivator, but branding and credibility in the market as well as being viewed as “modern” are also excellent reasons for a highly SEO ranked web presence even if the business is traditional brick and mortar, service oriented or doesn’t sell online.

Search Engine Optimization by Palm Beach Software Design

SEO – Worth the Investment

SEO is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing costs and between 80 and 90% of today’s customers check online reviews before making purchases, going to restaurants or hotels, and even trying new hair salons and dry cleaners, so it’s a good value for the marketing dollar! If you don’t invest in organic SEO (vs. paid advertising online), new prospects will find your competitors instead of you. However, SEO is not something you can just do once and forget about it; it requires monthly management because the algorithms used by the search engines are always changing the game and websites are also ranked based on how often website content is updated as well as the quality and relevance of that content.

Indexed Content is King

Our content-based SEO efforts are grounded on a simple principle that we have mastered: promote business growth through the development of relevant, unique, fresh content. Think about it! Even the most optimized website is frequently only one indexable entry on the search engine, regardless of its position. In addition, we create listings that promote your business through multiple indexable entries which all point back to your website. Not only is this preferable to our clients, it is also preferred by Google and the other search engines because prospective customers want to read fresh content and Google is in the business of providing lists of what customers want to read.

Palm Beach Software Design Delivers SEO Results, Not Promises

SEO is the type of internet marketing that is most likely to significantly increase the number of customer prospects contacting you and there are many companies that offer SEO services. Unfortunately, most of them promise much and deliver little. Don't be fooled by large wholesale web-based SEO firms that don't understand your needs, wants, and marketing message.

We interact with our clients monthly; we take the time to strategize with you and review your results. We have a long history and a valuable reputation to protect, so we don’t require long-term contracts with significant payments up front - our clients aren't bullied into staying with us. Rather, our clients choose to stay with us because we get the results businesses need to grow and prosper. We also devise recovery plans if you are experiencing a decline in web traffic or penalties based on the outdated SEO practices of other companies.

How We Do It for Small and Mid-Size Firms

In the past year, we helped a small legal client go from two leads per month to over 20 leads a month. A plumbing client closed two jobs worth over $100,000 in revenue directly attributable to our SEO efforts and an insurance company client expanded their audience reach from 25,000 to over 350,000! How do we do it? We keep up with the changes the search engine companies make, adjust our strategies to those changes, and we post fresh relevant content for you every month.


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