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Reputation Management

The company brand and the business name have an incredibly high intrinsic value, especially for small businesses.

Unfortunately, the damage that can be done by one unhappy customer or disgruntled employee, even when their complaint is not valid, can be substantial and that damage is often magnified when it is posted to the Internet. So what happens when your name or brand gets defamed in some way online? How do you overcome negative online listings, ratings or reviews about your business? For most small business owners, there just isn’t a good solution. Why? Because of the fact that Google, for example, is unconcerned about the reputation of an individual company. Their business model is ranking and someone always has to be on the bottom or rankings are useless, which would invalidate their business.



Here is a hard truth about the Internet: you alone are responsible for your rank and reputation online and no one can take action to improve it unless you are willing to take on the task. Beware: unless you know what you are doing, you can make the situation worse.

Good News, We Have the Know-How

The good news is that Palm Beach Software Design knows how to improve your ranking (through SEO and spider web content posting efforts) and we know how to improve your online reputation. After many successful reputation management campaigns, our team has concluded that the most effective, long-lasting solutions arise out of those situations where our clients are willing to allow the process to come to full fruition. Reputation management success is not an overnight program. If it were, then, again, everyone would get immediate positive results on Google, which as noted earlier, would invalidate their business model. Rather, if we demonstrate a commitment to Google, in turn, they will reward us for our efforts.

Content, Content, Content

Because effective reputation management relies upon producing relevant, positive content that can be submitted to the search record, thereby “suppressing” the negative listings by pushing them far down in the search, it dovetails with our other content posting marketing services. This allows us to offer reputation management services for a fraction of the cost charged by most of our competitors. In some cases, our experienced team can even get the negative content excluded from the search as if it never existed. We also can work on your behalf with the Better Business Bureau to get your grade improved!

You Think You Have It Bad

Travel companies are often plagued by online complaints. For example, one broken-down cruise ship, independent of the travel company itself, can wreak havoc with an online reputation and with the Better Business Bureau. Recently, we took a travel company’s reputation from an “F” on the Better Business Bureau site to a “B” in less than a year, while they had over 400 complaints. We took a printing company from a “D” to an “A” on the Better Business Bureau site and suppressed three negative first-page listings on Google in nine months. There are nothing but positive rankings now!

We can get invalid and inaccurate postings removed. We were able to have four separate fraudulent postings removed from the search record under the name of a financing company client. We can also improve your “star” ratings on social media. One accounting firm client went from a 2-star rating on Facebook with 60+ reviewers, to a 4-star ranking with over 200 reviewers.


If you’ve got a problem online, we know how to make it better.

Get started today and watch your reputation soar!