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Marketing and Business Consulting

Why do businesses, specifically small and mid-market businesses, hire marketing and business consultants? Can every business owner benefit from the ability to see the forest and the trees?

Consulting’s role is to look at the whole of an organization and identify challenges in individual departments or areas where improvements can be made, once acknowledged by management. Company executives are often too close to a situation or perhaps, they see change as costly upheaval they cannot cope with alone, despite their knowledge that improvement is necessary.

Positive Change Requires Acknowledgement and Commitment

Owning a company’s shortfalls is the first step in engaging in business opportunities. Every business has both stumbling blocks and opportunities and ultimately, the company that succeeds is the one which addresses opportunities and implements change to overcome challenges. As marketing and business consultants, we encourage clients to be open about their goals and expectations as these are the very basis for devising and implementing plans that capitalize on opportunities and move businesses forward in the direction of success. Sometimes, consultants can even crystalize a long-held hope or dream that has never been attempted and help get it into action.


Over its long history, Palm Beach Software Design has often functioned as more than just software designers and developers, providing mid-market businesses with concrete tools and business-wide plan implementations to overcome internal challenges and create opportunities. Over the past several years, we’ve worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized companies, specifically, to get their profitability on track. In each consult, we take the opportunity to demonstrate to the client the areas of their business or plan that are not producing the desired results. Next, we put together workable plans that include metrics and benchmarks, so that successes and failures can be measured. Those systems which are working well, are exploited and those, which are failing to meet standards are revised in favor of improved systems.

Marketing and Business Consulting

Palm Beach Software Design - Business and Marketing Consulting, A Smart Decision

Marketing and business consulting are jobs that we do well. We have to do them well because though it is only part of our business, it is almost always required to make quality software recommendations. Further, the successes of our clients develop into additional technology-based work for us over time and our goal is to keep our clients growing for life. That’s why we keep the costs for consulting clients generally at much less than what our competitors charge. We are creating a strategic alliance with you that we hope will last for years; your success, in turn, feeds our success.

Going Forward with Business Expertise

Think about your business and ask yourself if your company, especially the online and automated components, are underperforming or perhaps, simply not generating the results you envisioned. We frequently find that many of the solutions to our clients’ management challenges rest in the fact that they need help in the business of business as well as technology.

Our clients are usually experts in their own particular field or craft, but often, they are inexpert in effective marketing techniques, reducing expenses through proportionate disposition or negotiation, or in developing and leading strong sales teams that are trained beyond just the company’s core principles. These are not skills that are necessarily taught in schools or universities and they are rarely learned just by running a business.

Our Commitment to You

Fortunately, Palm Beach Software Design has experienced marketing and business consultants who have these skills and who have helped overcome these challenges for many different kinds of businesses, so we are able to make recommendations that we know will work. It is a recognized fact that the more often a task or strategy is performed or deployed, the lower the cost of doing it will be, and we do it all the time.

We work with our clients to implement affordable tactical marketing plans that make sense: we call it our Value Implementation Plan. Like any good plan, our VIP has metrics and benchmarks so that we can track our progress towards our clients’ end goals. Better yet, our VIP is a "living document" that is meant to be changed and updated as metrics prove results and we will be with you, side by side, in implementing the plan. Unlike other marketing consulting teams, we insist on making the changes with our clients and implementing the systems that bring our clients the success that they have always intended. Still on the fence? Our initial consultation carries no obligation.


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