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DNN Website Development

We understand small business needs because we are a small business. We understand what it is like to make payroll every month, to balance computer equipment and software against new hires, raises, and inventory requirements. We get it. We know that custom software is something you’d like to have, but it just isn’t in the budget.

That’s why we offer DNN website development. You get the flexibility of:

  • Managing your own website content - updating and changing the website to make Google happy anytime you need it without paying us to do it
  • The uniformity and professional look of a chosen DNN skin without paying for custom development
  • The tools DNN offers, which allow you to create multiple websites under your umbrella, to hold registered users, to set up newsletters, to write and publish your own blog, and to create your own forms

Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. has developed DNN sites for small and medium businesses for over a decade as part of the custom software development we’ve offered since our inception in 1987. We provide our clients with the latest in professional design and development techniques. And we do it, on time, within your budget

We also offer DNN “Skins” for sale. These are standardized home and interior page designs we have created for a few businesses that provide all of the functionality that DNN offers. There are many available from other vendors, and we can help you choose as we go through the design process, if you wish. To see the ones we have created, please click on the DNN Skin site button below. You will be able to return to this website from there.


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