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Business Technology Consulting

We offer business and marketing consulting as well as technology solutions with a unique combination of automation and analytics support designed to enable our clients to make confident and intelligent business decisions.

Often, we consult from a business and marketing perspective, providing advice that is invaluable to companies that are building custom projects or updating legacy systems or websites. For example, many times over the years, we have "reverse engineered" documents systems and business workflows, helping management understand what employees are actually doing inefficiently. We may just evaluate and report or we can affect technological and workflow changes, making processes more efficient. At times, we work with the client’s internal IT staff and at others, we produce the complete design, development, and implementation. We build to suit when clients want the technology process exactly as internally envisioned or currently implemented, but many value the consulting opportunity, based on our decades of business, marketing, and technological expertise.

  • Business Technology Consulting
  • Application Development:
    • Desktop
    • Web/Cloud
    • Mobile
  • Data and Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Services:
    • Website Design
    • SEO
    • Branding
    • Social Media and Reputation Management
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Information Systems Consulting


  • Software Architects
  • Development Team
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • DBA Team
  • QA Team
  • Dedicated Client Support Teams


  • Business Process Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Strategy and Design
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Data Visualization
  • Database Management
  • Database Optimization


  • Enterprise, Web & Mobile Application Development
  • Customer Relations
  • E-Commerce
  • Process and Workflow Management Tools
  • GEO/Location
  • Big Data
  • Legacy Software Modernization
  • Communications and Social Media
  • Software Prototyping
  • Commercial Software Product Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration