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Our Specialities

Our Specialties

30 years of experience provides a broad understanding and the experience of projects in virtually every field of business, from e-commerce, to financial analysis, to inventory management, to construction, to robotics. We thrive on new and interesting projects.

Palm Beach Software Design Services

We specialize in complete software lifecycle development. Our first task is always to educate ourselves about your business: how it operates; how data flows between departments and employees; and how your staff relates to the outside world. We invest the time to become “experts” in your business process in order to offer helpful solutions that solve problems and avoid pitfalls. We consider our clients "business partners" because we are partners. We depend on your business to grow from our efforts, because your business success feeds our own growth. We look for and foster long-term relationships with clients. As a business succeeds and grows, we enhance custom software applications and provide digital marketing services to meet the needs and demands of a changing work environment.

  • Business and Mobile Applications
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Technology and Marketing Consulting
  • Entrepreneurial/Startup Consulting
  • Database Design and Analysis
  • User Friendly Software Development
  • Analysis and Automation
  • Technical Documentation and Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Development
  • QA Testing
  • Implementation & Training

Our Specialties:

Web/Cloud/SAAS Solutions

We leverage the latest technologies to produce web and cloud-based software applications, using Microsoft .Net (C#), SQL Server, Javascript/JQuery, and other mainstream technologies. Some of our cloud applications are built for clients that wish to monetize their vision in order to generate an online income center revenue stream (SAAS – Software As A Service). Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. has a long history of creating successful subscription-based services.

Mobile Application Solutions

Today, a complete software solution often includes mobile components (Apps) available as a supplemental download from the different app stores (iTunes/Google Play). We build server-based web services to provide secure data to our applications, and the UX designs are always beautiful and easy to use.

Desktop Solutions

When the extra security of local installations or the ability to interface with local hardware directly connected to computers or networks is required, a desktop-solution is best. From "concept" to creating the install set, we use the most modern software tools available to make desktop applications excel.

Business Intelligence

Custom Software Design

Every business application should provide Business Intelligence in the form of dashboards and reports. Since we use SQL Server for our database, there are several report-writers and analysis tools we use to get you the information needed to make the right business decisions in a timely fashion. Specifically, for quick turnaround, we utilize Microsoft Power BI to economically provide the information businesses need for quality decision making. We also write custom Business Intelligence for complex application needs.

Digital Marketing Services

We provide a robust offering of digital marketing services including branding strategy, from simple to complex web design and development, search engine optimization also known as SEO, social media creation and management, reputation management, and business consulting. Every business is different and each one requires a custom digital marketing strategy in order to maximize ROI.

Software Interfaces

We provide custom interfaces with other software and packages, and create gateways for other software to securely access custom systems. For example, many small businesses spend too much time doing data entry into QuickBooks™. We build interfaces to automatically move data to and from QB for both the web and desktop versions. This results in savings of countless hours and a substantial reduction of data entry errors.


When requirements call for unlimited access points as well as useful, forward-facing portals for the public, we create robust web applications using Microsoft .Net technologies.

Commercial Software Projects

“Created software packages” for sale by clients as online services or as packaged software direct to consumers is a substantial portion of our business. We provide a complete administrative back-end solution to process billing, creation of portals, re-seller management and more.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Interfaces to devices and hardware, from OCR scanners to mechanical arm manipulation to home automation devices like lights and cooling/heating are projects that are both fun and interesting to us as developers, providing great automation results to our clients.


We partner with companies that provide excellent software and support tools including Google, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Infragistics, ComponentOne, NOP Commerce, and DotNetNuke (DNN). We also partner with Appliedi.net (Applied Innovations) for state of the art hosting of our client’s projects and websites.

Our Work:

Let us know if you would like a live demonstration of any of our programs or websites -- we'll be happy to show you our work in a one-on-one environment. We work with the .Net technologies: C# and VB .Net, ASP.Net, and database technologies specializing in SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and MySQL. Our track record for successful projects is 100%. We know that the excellence of our design, solid competent programming, and fast and efficient support contribute to our longevity as a business partner to our client base.