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Mobile Apps


Branded-Pix is a commercial app developed for the small business and consumer markets. The app provides for the placement of company or personal logos on photos or videos on iOS and Android mobile devices. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Global Weather Watch

GWW - Global Weather Watch is a free consumer app designed to see and understand the weather (visible, infrared and water vapor) from the perspective of NOAA satellites. It’s specifically designed for pilots, boaters, surfers, hikers and motorcyclists who need to view the weather from a larger perspective to plan for longer outdoor time activities.

Global Weather Watch


MI Courier App

The MI Courier App is a private business app designed for our client, MI Courier Services. It tracks and reports delivery service drivers’ locations and allows courier service clients to schedule last minute pick-ups and deliveries right from their phones.

MI Courier Services


Boca Bearing App

The Boca Bearings App is a free e-commerce business app designed for consumers to purchase bearings online for remote controlled vehicles, fishing, skateboards, bikes, and more. The app includes a digital caliper and installation videos as well.

Dogs in Bed App

The "Dogs in the Bed" is a commercial interactive children's storybook about man's best friend, dogs, their owners, and the complicated nightlife that is their sleeping arrangements.

Dogs in Bed App