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Our Sales Process



Upon the initial contact with a client, a meeting is scheduled to discuss the client’s vision and requirements for custom software.



The Scope and Requirements process is a multi-step process including a discovery stage, a business process analysis stage, and a technical process analysis of existing software and databases. The scope work is our initial project, is billed at an hourly rate, and includes time for revisions and flow charting, so that we can provide proper guidance and technical solutions to individual challenges within the business.


Work Process Meetings

Software Architect and Scope Team meet with Client - Meet with client, management, and key personnel to determine work process and data flow, to discover business rules, and capture information about the existing software in use, etc.


Scope and Requirements Development

PBSD Engineers and Developers Meet - The information is gathered from notes, diagrams, client’s forms, and software screenshots. Then our analysts, database administrators, and programmers meet to review all materials. A plan is forged with the final project in mind. The information is then presented to the software architects and the technical writers to create the Scope and Requirements document, which includes the complete analysis as well as specific definition of new databases, programs, and forms, along with the appropriate business logic development.

Draft Scope Presentation and Revisions

After the initial presentation to the client, we make the necessary changes to the scope, and revise until everyone is in agreement of the scope, and how the application should operate. This process may repeat several times.


Project and Personnel Planning, Cost Analysis and Timeline

When the scope is accepted, we move into the project planning phase where time, resources, materials, and cost are determined. Teams and team lead are chosen. Master task list and project plan are created with estimated timeline. Project plan is presented to client for review and approval.


Finalize Project Plan and Timeline

The project manager optimizes the plan’s timeline by adding resources, and starting tasks concurrently. A software development contract can now be created based on finalized cost and optimized time line. The deliverables from our sales process include a Scope and Requirements document, project plan, timeline, and contract.