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Software Development Services

Palm Beach Software Design has expertise in a number of development approaches for custom software and application creation. We often utilize the .NET and Azure application foundations for desktop and cloud-based automation, business and Business Intelligence applications, Windows, Android and iOS for mobile applications and even DNN for simple website applications.

We use various technologies for the implementation of dashboards and scorecards and we may also integrate other platforms and foundations when called for in application-specific situations.

Microsoft .Net
Apple iOS Development
Android Development

Custom Software and Application Development

Most businesses considering custom application development have a set of specific problems that need to be solved.

Usually, current systems and off-the-shelf packaged software are creating bottlenecks and inefficiency within the day-to-day operation of the business itself, with the result of restricted company productivity and growth. Several or many solutions have been proposed and eventually discarded because they do not address a majority of factors or critical issues that affect operations and management of the company as a whole. Eventually, a custom solution is considered because custom application development addresses all of these concerns and provides benefits that translate directly to the bottom line.

Benefits of Custom Application Development:
  • Increased Productivity with No Duplicate Data
  • Coordinated Systems that Communicate with Each Other
  • Leveraged Technology for Mobile-Desktop-Cloud
  • Efficient Workflow for Personnel
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting for Management Decision Making
  • Business Idiosyncrasies Integrated
  • Bottlenecks Alleviated
Custom Software and Application Development
.Net Application Development

.Net Application Development

The .NET Framework is a Microsoft software framework foundation that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library known as Framework Class Library (FCL) which provides the ability to use code across several programming languages. FCL provides a common user interface, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, web application development, numeric algorithms, and network communications. Programs written for .NET Framework execute in a hardware independent software environment known as Common Language Runtime (CLR) The CLR is an application “virtual machine” that provides many services including security, memory management, and exception handling. Together FCL and CLR constitute the .NET Framework.

The benefits to general business concerns considering the use of the .NET Framework include:
  • Reduced implementation costs based upon standardized tools and code libraries
  • The freedom to choose hardware best suited to general business needs or to run, in many cases, upon existing hardware
  • It allows programmers to choose the best programming language options suited for the individual business implementation
  • It provides security and portability
  • It provides memory management and simplified deployment
  • It provides increased performance through-put

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications are increasingly deployed by general business concerns to leverage the use of tablets and smartphones by many different types of personnel, from sales to production to distribution. Full desktop applications are scaled to critical path operations for mobile field use including:

  • Automated sales presentations
  • Mobile access and instant completion of forms
  • Auto-population of forms by customer ID
  • Instant mobile deployment of sales follow-through materials
  • Auto-upload to centralized CRM and sales tracking system
  • Instant mobile upload of signed customer invoices
  • Easily implemented tracking and deployment of goods, and/or field service personnel
  • Real-time tracking and reorder of raw materials and inventory
  • Deliveries rerouted and tracked on the go

Virtually any series of tasks routinely completed during the business day can be accomplished on mobile delivery platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS for Apple utilizing a custom designed mobile business application.

Mobile Applications
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad classification that has different meanings across different sized business organizations. It is implemented in different ways, but no matter what the organizational size, BI is company data gathered and presented in ways that provide a strategic approach to evidence-based business decision-making.

BI provides a wide variety of evidence-based information that management needs to know for optimal organizational performance aggregated into summary report form, often referred to as “dashboards” including,

  • Individual and group sales numbers compared to peers, teams or units, including historical performance
  • Actionable inventory or resource trends
  • Potential trouble areas within: Product sales, pricing, sales cycle, production delivery timeframes, service delivery, cash-flow, bottleneck analyzation

Microsoft Power BI®Consulting and Expertise

As the level of influence of technology over business grows, so, too, does the importance of the analysis or “analytics” of actual data provided by technology. Bygone are the days of decision-making based only on the gut-feelings of sales and management executives. Today, decisions about inventory, sales, and HR are made from dashboards and scorecards that provide visualization of data-based facts, not just guesses or feelings.

Power BI gives us the ability to quickly leverage the knowledge of our software architects about business and the kind of summary data that allow an organization to grow and prosper. Visualizing the effect that a “hot product” is having on sales may spur promotions on related products and knowing that one department is experiencing high turnover may occasion supervisory or management changes. Imagine having that kind of information – summarized, every day, on your desktop. Decisions that influence profit can be made in a proactive fashion rather than in a reactive fashion. With Power BI, we can provide this kind of data analysis in as little as 10 business days at a very reasonable cost.

SQL Databases, Excel Spreadsheets, and Legacy Systems Correlated

In just a few minutes of no-pressure conversation with us, you will know if Power BI can be used with your installed software and databases to extract the decision-making information you need. If your installed systems cannot be utilized by Power BI, we can still provide usable business intelligence by creating a custom BI solution.

Working with Your IT Department

Business Intelligence clients leverage Palm Beach Software Design for both small and large projects their IT departments don’t have the time or budget, or in some cases the expertise, to accomplish, given their other responsibilities. Working with us is a positive experience because as a “boutique” software design firm we are able to create extremely high-quality custom Business Intelligence software personally tailored with the kind of attention larger firms can’t match.

We have an excellent understanding of the kinds of Business Intelligence modern business requires - what works and what doesn’t work for mid-market and enterprise level concerns. We try to anticipate both the problems and the needs of our clients, which allows us to move much faster than larger, more anonymous software firms. Our size allows us to stay abreast of the latest developments, incorporating new technologies to solve rapidly evolving business problems in an increasingly mobile and cloud development world.


We understand small business needs because we are a small business. We know that custom software is something you’d like to have, but it just isn’t in the budget. That’s why we offer DNN website development.

You get the flexibility of:

  • Managing your own website content - updating and changing the website to make Google happy anytime you need it without paying us to do it.
  • The uniformity and professional look of a chosen DNN skin without paying for custom development.
  • The tools DNN offers, which allow you to create multiple websites under your umbrella, to hold registered users, to set up newsletters, to write and publish your own blog, and to create your own forms.

Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. has developed DNN sites for small and medium businesses for over a decade as part of the custom software development we’ve offered since our inception in 1987. We provide our clients with the latest in professional design and development techniques. And we do it, on time, within your budget.

When you commit to any project with Palm Beach Software Design, you receive the competence of experienced software developers, the talent and tightness of a hand-picked young programming team, and the accountability and integrity of an owner-operated business. Let us know how we can help with your needs. Contact us today at (561) 572-0233 for immediate service.