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Middle Market Level

Mid-market companies have their own set of particular needs. Often, IT departments are stretched or too small to take on large development projects in-house. Or there isn’t the right kind of software expertise within the department. We find that mid-market businesses are pushing the limitations of package software in more than one area: sales, accounting, inventory, human resources and more. The lack of integration slows the business and the ability to garner Business Intelligence is virtually non-existent.

Mid-market companies find an application development home at Palm Beach Software because our project management experience goes beyond software to encompass business concerns many large software firms would miss. We go out of our way to make sure that we have a very detailed understanding of what needs to be done and then, we go one step further. We ask about business issues we’ve encountered on similar applications that have not yet been raised because we have been professionally designing software that solves business problems for years.

We consult as we go, making sure that every base is covered. Our principals are personally accountable to C-level management to make sure that the company’s needs are met. We are flexible in the way we work with different companies and because we are smaller, we are agile, and able support mid-market companies strongly in “crunch” times. Our communication features unmatched transparency, providing security and confidence to executives who do not deal in the IT, software design and application development arenas regularly. We incorporate the latest in mobile and cloud technology on a variety of platforms.

When you commit to a project with Palm Beach Software Design, you receive the competence of experienced software developers and business people, the talent and tightness of a hand-picked young programming team, and the accountability and integrity of an owner-operated business.

Hear what some of our mid-market clients have to say:

Simon Miranda

Bio-Medical Specialist
Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida

My name is Simon Miranda, I was the Chief Bio-Medical Engineer at Jackson Memorial Hospital from 2000 to 2011, In 2007 I awarded a contract to Peter Ruz and Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. to develop software for Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL. The software manages inventory and maintenance, work order system to track expenditures, equipment inventory, history and service calls. Mr. Ruz and a team of developers from Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. worked with me and the biomedical engineering staff in order to design the BioMed Software System. From design to final delivery the team managed to come in under cost and ahead of most deadlines. The Biomedical system was seamlessly migrated and deployed; it is capable of maintaining service records and support for over 23k pieces of equipment, and track expenditures of such equipment. Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. and Mr. Ruz also provided ongoing support and development of the system. I feel Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. would be an asset to any project no matter how large or small, they have a very good mindset when tackling difficult projects. It was my pleasure to have worked with Mr. Ruz and Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. I would absolutely recommend Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. for software development.

Jackson Memorial Hospital

We designed an inventory management, maintenance, and work order system for 23,000 pieces of equipment at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Association of Mechanical Engineers

Lucy Abrams

Techst Solutions LLC and the Association of Mechanical Engineers

Hi all,
I want to send a shout out to all of you who were so deeply involved in BPVC 2013 production. The series has now been released to print, which is a significant accomplishment given the many phases of the production process, the volume of data, and the very tight schedule that needed to be maintained.
I would like to thank you for the great efforts you all made in helping meet the (extended) deadline. This was truly a team effort and the success in meeting deadline could not have been accomplished without each and every one of you (including quite a few others for which I would appreciate your extending my gratitude) and it is greatly appreciated.
It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again, in future.
Lucy Abrams Techst Solutions LLC and the Association of Mechanical Engineers

We do all kinds of projects all over the country. The one mentioned above provided Scientific Data for Stress Tables Management and Publishing for the Association of Mechanical Engineers, New York, New York.