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Enterprise Level

Enterprise clients leverage Palm Beach Software Design for both small and large projects, as well as when a specific technology specialist is required. Working with us is a positive experience because as a “boutique” software design firm we are able to create extremely high-quality custom software personally tailored with the kind of attention larger firms can’t match.

We have an excellent understanding of what works and what doesn’t work for enterprise level business. We put in the extra work required to build a deep relationship with our clients – relationships that last for decades. We try to anticipate both the problems and the needs of our clients, which allows us to move much faster than larger, more anonymous software firms. Our size allows us to stay abreast of the latest developments, incorporating new technologies to solve rapidly evolving business problems in an increasingly mobile and cloud development world.

Our goal is to become your “go to” team to get technical application development projects executed on schedule, within budget. When you commit to a software development project with Palm Beach Software Design, you receive the competence of experienced software developers and business people, the talent and tightness of a hand-picked young programming team, and the accountability and integrity of an owner-operated business.

Hear what some of our more well-known clients have to say:

Tarkenton Store

Fran Tarkenton

NFL Hall of Famer and Founder GoSmallBiz.com
Tarkenton Companies, GoSmallBiz.com

Our virtual consulting practice runs completely on the systems developed and maintained by Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.

Tarkenton Financial

Over the years, we have created many applications for Tarkenton Financial including an Annuity Calculator, Financial Snapshots, Stock Prices Back-tester; tools which are in use with over 2000 agents nation-wide. We also created an online memorabilia store for the owner and NFL Hall of Famer.

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Rick Gossett

COO, Tarkenton Companies

We have used Mark's company for software development for 10+ years. From developing software for our companies to use internally, to producing world-class commercial applications for both Windows Desktop and the Internet, each project has produced software that hits the mark. Support and direct communication with the software developers at Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. have made it a pleasure for us to work with them. Immediate support and pride in their deliverables set them above the rest.


We routinely work with the top brass at Tarkenton on the business side creating software for Insurance Analysis, Incorporation, Sales Presentations, and in-house processes for all Tarkenton companies. We have developed commercial software for business that is being used by thousands of paying clients. This software suite includes many tools such as CRM, HR Documentation Builder, HR Employee File Manager, Business Plan Builder, and more.

Michael D. Kanter

Lear Corporation

I am impressed with Palm Beach Software Design’s creativity and problem solving skills. The document template design and data extraction method utilized was nothing short of genius.

Lear Corporation

We created a custom optical recognition program that saved the company over $90,000 annually, and reduced errors while speeding up the purchasing process for their customers.