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How 'Machine Learning' Can Help Your Business

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, which also leads to advancements in a multitude of industries. Machine Learning is one of the most talked about spaces in the tech space these days. But what you’re probably wondering is, how can Machine Learning make an impact in my business? Marketing Personalization With Machine Learning, be it a web application or mobile app, Machine Learning ...

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Building for both iOS & Android

You've come up with a great app idea and you want to share it with the world. You can reach roughly 95% of smartphone consumers by releasing your app to both platforms. Ignoring one platform can inadvertently hurt your app’s acceptance and usage in the marketplace. Unfortunately, however, designing and coding for one does not automatically mean copying the code over for the other.  ...

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Monetizing Your Mobile App

Everyone has heard the stories about how a single app has generated millions of dollars over a short period of time. These stories tend to awaken the dormant entrepreneur in many of us. Apps like Angry Birds & Flappy Bird were able to amass a cult following in a short period of time and generate a large amount of money. But how does an ...

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