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It’s More Than Just Programming, It’s About Business Too

As programmers, our core focus is essentially strictly logic. We know how to create code that ties multiples individual pieces of a puzzle together to form a single cohesive application. But what about all of those pieces we tie together? It is good practice to be able to work with the other pieces of the application including the front-end and database development. These skills ...

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Technology Workers Drive World-Wide Industry Growth

These days, it would be safe to say that we are beginning to experience the type of future we envisioned back in the 60’s. A lot of major advancements, including self-driving cars that don’t require fossil fuels, virtual reality, and even robots, have seemingly happened in a very short time. With the power and capability of modern computers, the possibilities for advancement are growing ...

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Populating Dropdownlist using Action Filters in ASP.NET MVC

There are many ways to populate a dropdown control using MVC. The data used to populate the control can come from multiple sources, it can be a database, an enum, a list or any other data structure we have access. Usually the controller puts together the required information and passes it to the view.  Today we will see how we can transfer this responsibility ...

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Cascading Drop Down Lists

Cascading drop down lists are very common nowadays. Today I have written a simple sample about how they can be implemented using ASP.NET MVC and JQuery.  When the sample is executed, the user is presented with a first drop down list that will contain a list of countries. Once the user selects one of the countries, a request to the server is made via ...

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