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Update, Purchase or Integrate Your Business Software

Software developers are often tasked with adding to or upgrading an existing application. Sometimes it is easy to add or upgrade because the application was written recently enough to be in a modern language or framework, but when it is not, then software integration can be the best solution. Software system integration means combining individually tested software components into an integrated whole.  Integration often requires ...

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Web Development and Security

It seems every week these days we hear a story about some online presence getting ‘hacked’. The term hacked isn’t entirely accurate though, in most cases, it’s as simple as somebody finding a flaw, or vulnerabilities, in the website's security. These flaws are not always apparent though and sometimes can exist for years before anyone even finds them (remember Heartbleed?). As such developers have to ...

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Windows 10 – Should You Upgrade?

Windows 10 has been released into the wild for a couple months now and many people are still asking if it’s worth the upgrade. The short answer is yes, totally. The long answer is that some of the latest features and additions are extremely useful and make using Windows a much improved experience. So what exactly is so improved? I’ll start off with the ...

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The Quest for Efficiency In Software Development

Last week, I stumbled upon a pretty neat-o website called Basically, the concept is to match you up with people that can perform a task or service for you, and they'll do it for FIVE BUCKS ($5)!  Hard to believe, so I continued looking into it.  I found people willing to take pictures with your products, people who will do a short ...

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Cloud Applications - Are They Worth It?

Online applications such as Office 365, Gmail, and Quickbooks (for example) are excellent examples of successful cloud applications used by the masses, and the reason they're so successful are because they do a specialized function that works the same way for every business.  A Word document or chart of accounts are what they are, and they'll never change.  If you use them, they will ...

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Is the Lowest Price Always the Best Choice?

We worked over and above the written specifications and expectations, but when I told him it was time for a support contract to cover the costs of the ongoing changes, he found someone else that offered to do the “same” development work for ½ of our billable rate.  At face-value, I can see why this was so appealing to my customer who is watching ...

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BART and Free Speech in America

As everyone must know by now, the Bay Area Rapid Transit, also known as BART has been on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism over the last few days.     Why? The reason is that BART has been blocking cell service in some of its stations in order to "stave off" potential protests because of an earlier shooting by a ...

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Facebook and Skype Unite

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage this morning to makes some new announcements. Facebook has been hinting about these for several weeks now. One of the first thing mentioned was their growth rate. He stated that Facebook users are sharing twice what they shared a year ago. A lot is happening in the “social world now” - users are sharing four billion ‘things’ ...

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