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Mobile Development Considerations for Your Business

We have touched on catering to mobile development in the past. By default, all of the websites we create here feature responsive design. Simply put, responsive design is a jack of all trades approach where a website will use different styles that are best suited for whichever device you are viewing from. This allows a clean and consistent experience whether viewing from a computer, ...

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Writing Good Code

Once an application has been wrapped up and delivered, is it over and forgotten about? Not usually. Once a package has been delivered, you can be sure that the client will more often than not, think of new features or changes. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, it happens very often in the software industry. This just means that as developers, we ...

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Software and the Cloud

Software and the Cloud The Cloud. This term is thrown around a lot these days. It use to be only the IT industry but now there are many more industries that leverage the power and capabilities of the cloud. The term “cloud” is used to describe a place that exists in the online world. It can be a place where people collaborate on documents ...

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Expand your home entertainment with an HTPC

                   HTPCs have been quickly gaining traction in the PC world. HTPC stands for Home Theater PC, and what makes them so desirable is that they are capable of playing all different types of media.  Gone are the days when PCs had to be large towering desktop eyesores. A fully customized computer can be built in a ...

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Virtual Reality Gaming

The term VR is being tossed around a lot recently, especially with all the advancements in the Oculus Rift and now Sony’s Project Morpheus, along with Microsoft’s new HoloLens technology and Valve’s SteamVR. The big virtual reality push started a couple years ago with the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is a headset that displays different images to each eye effectively mimicking real life ...

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Project Ara: The future of Mobile Phones?

“Designed exclusively for 6 billion people.” That is the tag line for Google’s still in development Project Ara. Project Ara is an upcoming fully modular cell phone being developed under the Motorola brand. What does “fully modular” mean exactly? Well the phone itself is made up of a frame with different sections and each section can fit a different attachment. Here are some pictures ...

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Bringing Back the Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re a “vintage” computer user, you may remember the original IBM keyboards, that were heavier, and felt wonderful to use, and had that special “clack” sound when you pressed the keys – you didn’t need to bang on them to get audible and physical feedback. Finally – mechanical keyboards are back on the market! Chances are you are on a computer that has ...

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